This year's evening event is sre to be entertaining! We have lots of entertainment and the theme is the Roarin' 20's or Great Gatsby Style. Come dressed in your best Flapper dress and or Zoot Suit. If that's not your style then any formal - Black tie attire is appropriate. This is an "ADULT Only" event (18 and older).

Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Alice Crute
Alice Pollock
Alice (Large) Pollock
Alvin Chase
Alvin. XL Chase
Antionette Chase
Antionette Chase - L
Ashlee Powell
Barbara Morris
Bill Rhodes
Briana Glover XLarge
Carli Turner
Carol Chase
Carol XL Chase
Carolyn Chase
Carolyn Thomas (Haylock)
Cassandra Thomas
Catherine Jones
Catherine Thomas (Jones)
Charles Glover
Charles Glover Medium
Charles Mays
Charles Mays - XL
Charles Rhodes
Christal Thomas
Danielle DuBois
Deja Morris
Del Rhodes
Del Rhodes XL
Diamond Bryant
Donnie Thomas
Dorothy Thomas
Douglas Jones
Douglas Pulley
Douglas Pulley - XXL
Eman Lyles
Emmanuel Glover
Evelyn Bryant
Eyvonne McClain
Gregory Cook
Gwendolyn Chase
Herbie Smith
Herbie Smth
Irma Bryant
Jacob Roberson
Jacob Roberson - M
Jayce Morris
Jessica Mays
Jessica (Medium) Mays
Jevian Gudger
Joshua Powell
Juanita Bernard
Kameron Chase
Kaniela Thomas
Karen Smith
Khamaria Smith (Smith)
Kheni Wells
Khiara Brown
Lana Thomas
Larry Size (Thomas)
Larry Thomas
Larry Thomas Jr
Lawrence Alan Chase
Lawrence Alvin Chase
Lawrence Alan Chase
Lawrence Alvin Chase
Leandra Thomas Armstrong
Leia Thomas
Leland Thomas
Lillian Size (Thomas)
Lillian Thomas
Linda Glover
Lisa Thomas
Luke Thomas
Lunden Thomas
Margaret Chase
Mary Girlfriend Of Emmanuel
Michael Thomas
Michele Johnson
Nataiya Thomas
Nate Sampson
Nathaniel (Roddy) Campbell
Nathaniel (Medium) Campbell
Nathaniel (Roddy) 3XL Campbell
Nicole Trader
Olivia Roberson
Olivia Roberson - M
Patricia Sampson
Patricia Thomas (Sampson)
Paula Rae Claytor
Quianna Chase
Rickey Herod
Shelia Glover
Shelia Glover XXLarge
Skyler Cooper
Skyler Jr.
Taka Reed
Talia Cooper
Tammy Campbell
Tammy (XL) Campbell
Tanger Bates
Tanya Cook
Tara Rickard
Tekaya Smith
Theresa Thomas (Thomas)
Thomas Chase
Tiffany Herod
Tova Chase
Tracey Cooper
Tyvon Chase
Valerie Chase
Vera Williams
Wanda Glover-Petite
William Bryant
Yusuf Rickard
Yvonne Dooley
Total 10 115